"I wish that you lived closer."
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"If I cut you off, chances are, you handed me the scissors."
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In order to date me you must be willing to do the following:

  • cuddle and never stop
  • hold my hand everywhere we go
  • eat gross amounts of food with me
  • go on adventures
  • wake me up with kisses 
  • make blanket forts

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Oh boy that booty


Oh boy that booty

kimothy3 said: Gotta know the important phrases. How was your weekend?

The only phrase I would need to know is “can I please have 3 beers.”


My neck, My back, My Netflix and my snacks.

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kimothy3 said: I don't either. I know how to say that. Ask where the bathroom is. And say I have a cat in my pants.


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imamongayness said: You're gorgeous!

Thank you for using the proper your/you’re.

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"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." - Dr. Seuss